The osmosis system allows you to safely clean your solar and photovoltaic panels.

It is designed to reach great heights without the use of ladders, as the operation is carried out from the ground.

In addition, this water purifier guarantees a completely ecological cleaning. It has 4 levels of filtration and removes 98% of salts and other impurities.

Anti-fall protection

fall prevention bar for work at height

With our door anchor system, we can clean your hard-to-reach sliding windows.

We can lean out safely and reach the most difficult places.

SOLSIT – Motorised chair

The SOLSIT, a motorised seat for inspection and maintenance, has been specially designed for backpack applications. The compact design of the SOLSIT makes it extremely quick and easy to assemble.

This motorised seat allows us to access hard-to-reach areas of the façade.

Solsit motorised window cleaning for access to tight spaces

SYAM mobile anchoring system

Thanks to our SYAM mobile anchoring system, we are able to clean outside windows of any size, without the risk of falling.

This gives us much more flexibility for older aluminium windows, for example, where only one casement can be opened.

Stingray – interior cleaning system

The Stingray system reduces window cleaning time and saves up to 39% of cleaner.