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Safe cleaning of windows at height.

The appropriate solution for each and every customer

With Kom-Cleaning, your window cleaning company in Brussels, everything is possible.

From lift shafts to domes that are difficult to access, Kom-Cleaning has all the necessary equipment to carry out window cleaning work in compliance with the safety standards in place.

For certain services, we use an osmosis system (water purifier) with a telescopic pole that allows us to work from the ground up to 15 metres.  This system is ideal for cleaning windows or for the cleaning of solar panels on flat or sloping surfaces.

In cooperation with Indurope, we can also install mobile cranes with platforms. The temporary installation of these approved jib cranes reduces the considerable costs associated with fixed lifting systems.

For windows that only open on one side, with or without transoms, we use a second mobile anchoring system. This anchoring system can be easily fixed on the inside and in front of a door or window opening.

As a last resort, we can also clean your windows by using fixed anchors with a lifeline.